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AWARE - Coral Reef Conservation-


This course helps you appreciate the complexity of coral reef habitats and teaches how you can help conserve these vital systems.


Everyone likes to scuba dive or snorkel in warm, clear water on a vibrant coral reef, yet many people know little about what they’re seeing or the importance of reef ecosystems. The Coral Reef Conservation Specialty course helps you appreciate the complexity of these habitats and teaches you how you can help conserve these vital systems.

Anyone who has an interest in the aquatic world can take this course. There are no prerequisites or age restrictions and no water sessions are required to earn this non-diving certification.


Through classroom discussions, you learn:

  • How coral reefs function and the complex nature of life on a reef.

  • Why coral reefs are so important.

  • Why many coral reefs are in serious trouble.

  • What you can do to prevent further decline.

  • How Project AWARE unites divers and water enthusiasts to make a difference.

Getting Started-

The Coral Reef Conservation course references information in the digital manual – AWARE - Our World, Our Water – downloadable for free on Although this manual is not required for the course, you can read the chapter on coral reefs in preparation for meeting with your instructor.

What is a Coral Reef Conservation Specialty?  Out of all of PADI’s Diver Specialty courses, the AWARE Coral Reef Conservation course is perhaps the only pure non-diving course that is open to not just certified scuba divers where participants aren’t required to conduct open water dives to complete. The entire course is educational and more classroom based, that teaches divers, snorkelers and non-divers about the vital role coral reefs play in the marine environment and how these ecosystems are currently threatened.
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