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Sidemount divers require many tools for their diving but are limited for space to carry them. There is little room on the waist for traditional style pockets and tanks can limit the access to thigh pockets. This lack of real estate has led many sidemount divers to go with a butt mounted pocket.

Dive Rite's  2-Zip Sidemount Bellows Pocket is a large bellows pocket that allows a sidemount diver to carry everything they need for a dive, including: spools, notebook, back-up lights, line arrows, and more.  With two compartments, smaller items can be separated in the front with larger items in the main compartment. A 36-inch (92 cm) looped lanyard on the inside of the large compartment allows the diver to attach tools and gear so items can be quickly deployed without the fear of losing one. The back of the pocket allows for several mounting options including two 1-inch metal d-rings for butt mounting and webbing straps for waist mounting. The Sidemount Bellows Pocket also allows for single clip mounting using a double ended snap.

With an armored SuperFabric front, the Sidemount Bellows Pocket is extremely rugged. A heavy duty mesh panel allows for quick draining.

Made in the USA.

Dive Rite Horizontal Butt Bag

SKU: AC3204-XL
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