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A regulator necklace is an essential tool for advanced and technical divers. A necklace allows the diver to stow their backup or secondary regulator just under their chin for quick access if needed. Divers utilizing a regulator necklace typically subscribe to the ‘donate the primary regulator’ philosophy in an out-of-air scenario, with the primary regulator on a longer hose.

The Dive Rite Regulator necklace allows for easy size adjustment for a perfect fit. Simply tie an overhand knot at the desired length and trim the excess bungee. The knot recesses into the locking cone for a clean look. The necklace quickly installs onto the second stage by pulling both sides of the bungee to tighten the loop around the mouthpiece.

Personalize your gear with a splash of color. The Dive Rite Regulator Necklace is available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Tech Diver Black.

Dive Rite Regulator Necklace

SKU: AC2199
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