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Diving in a drysuit requires an inflation system. Adding air to a drysuit keeps it from crushing around your body as you descend. Mounting an additional cylinder to your diving rig so that it’s accessible and in a streamline position requires the use of a mounting system. The Drysuit Inflation Bottle Mounting Kit takes either a 6cf(GM2782-3) or 13cf(GM2782-4) cylinder and mounts it to your backplate, harness system, or another cylinder. Using a cam band, a small bungee cord loop, and two quick links, you can quickly mount a 6cf or 13cf cylinder to your rig and easily operate it underwater. With the ability to mount the cylinder to your rig in the exact location you desire, you can maximize access while keeping it in a streamline position.

Want the option to mount the cylinder directly to another cylinder; it’s simple using the webbing loop on the hook-and-loop cam band and an additional cam strap around the primary cylinder.

Switching from diving dry to diving wet or vice versa…within minutes, you can remove or add the mounting hardware. Looking for a simple-to-use drysuit inflation mounting system that packs small when travelling, you can’t go wrong with our Drysuit Inflation Bottle Mounting Kit.

Drysuit Bottle Mounting Kit

SKU: GM2782-3
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