ARC is an extremely low volume with a small frame which allows the lenses to be close to your eyes to create a wider view. 

Classic Soft Crystal Silicone Skirt - The mask material is extremely comfortable to wear with Double-Edged Facial Seal Technology.

Unique Frame Design: The small frame design was achieved by using multiple direct injection techniques to minimize the frame distance. The small frame design reduces resistance in the water. 

Push-Button Adjustable Buckle System 2.0 - By having this upgraded buckle system, the user can perfectly adjust their mask by pushing both buttons.

Soft Silicon Nose Pocket - This feature prevents ear clogging when divers get into deep water. It equalizes the internal ears’ pressure by simply pinching your nose shut, inhaling a mouth full of air and closing your mouth.

This product is strongly recommended for free diving and spearfishing.

Scuba Max ARC

SKU: MK-219