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Technical Diver Support Diver


This program is developed for divers to be trained, qualified and certified to assist technical divers during the ascent/decompression phase of deep Tech dives. These support divers are trained to meet tech divers during their ascent/decompression stops at depths not deeper than 100 feet.

These support divers do not substitute for tech divers carrying and being responsible for their own decompression gasses but will be available for assistance should tech divers have difficulty during decompression stops from 100 feet and shallower.

Tech divers are expected to carry out 100% of their own dive plan and requirements. The presence of the support diver does not relieve the tech diver from any responsibility either to him/herself or the team. The support diver is there only to provide support in the event of an emergency that happens during the tech diver’s ascent and decompression stops.

Support divers are not to conduct dives that require staged decompression during this class or operationally in support of tech divers unless trained, equipped and certified to do so. Support divers must always conduct appropriate safety stops and remain within their training and certification limits.

Pre-requisites: Deep Diver, Enriched Air Diver, Rescue Diver, Current CPR and First Aid, Boat Diver, Wreck diver, Emergency Oxygen Provider. Tech-40 and Self-Reliant Diver/or above highly recommended.

Required Equipment: As per Divemaster course and two properly rigged/labeled decompression bottles, surface marker buoy, decompression computer, backup mask, wetnotes or slate with pencil.

Note that qualifying certifications from other diver training organizations may apply – ask your Tec Gas Blender Instructor.


Course Goals
1. To develop your knowledge of Technical diving.
2. To develop your knowledge on how to safely execute deep Tech dives dives.
3. To increase your diving skills.
4. To enable you to plan, organize, and safely assist Tech divers.
5. To improve your diving ability and provide you with additional experiences.
6. To encourage you to participate in other specialty Technical training

Course Overview
1. Knowledge Development. 
2. Land Drills. Certain skills will be practiced on land before any in water work takes place.
3. Open Water Training Dives. There will be two (2) open water training dives. 

1. Upon successful completion of this course, a PADI Distinctive Specialty Card for Technical Dive Support Diver will be issued.
2. Certifications means that you will be qualified to: Assist in the planning, and organization of tech dives, log advanced/technical support dives to a maximum depth of 100 fsw. This certification in no way qualifies graduates as Technical divers.

Getting Started

Contact us to ask about PADI TecRec and RAID Technical courses. 




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1-2 DAYs

2 Dives

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